Thursday, January 3, 2013

India Formula 1 Thrills And Track - Featuring The Exciting Buddh International Circuit

If you're interested in sporting events around the world, and in particular have an interest in motorsport, Formula 1 Indian event would be a great to watch. The Buddh International Circuit is located in Gautam Buddh Nagar district, near New Delhi, the capital of India. The circuit Buddh molded into one of the most exciting race tracks in the world. It is ideally suited to the demands of motorcycles and cars running on the track.

Spyker F1 team was bought by business tycoon Vijay Mallya in 2010. That's when he renamed Force India. The first Indian Grand Prix was originally scheduled for 2010 but was postponed to 2011 due to some setbacks. A decline was the farmers who owned the land was required for the construction of the race track. 300 farmers expressed their dissatisfaction that the country would not be used for industrial purposes, but this issue was resolved later.

The dramatic elevation 5.14 km track at high speed, straight paths and 16 turns for exciting racing experience. BIC, as it is commonly called, completely adheres to the regulations and standards to make one of the best tracks in the world. This track was designed by German racetrack designer and architect Herman Tilke. It is located in Jaypee Sports City, which will house a 2,500 hectares cricket stadium, hockey arena, sports training academy and facilities for other sports.

It is the mission of the company to explore innovative ways to promote sport as a way of life in the country. The event of Formula 1 racing is sure to Indian play an important role in this area, as many people are excited about the event. It is likely to attract the world's attention, and get people from everywhere to see India (New Delhi, in particular) as a leader in the field of sports. Citizens are extremely proud that they finally got the opportunity to have an event in the series Fl

It is a wonderful time for the Indian Grand Prix in New Delhi F1 Circuit. Like other Asian countries such as Malaysia and Korea have been successful in the F1 circuit, it catapulted the Indian Grand Prix on the F1 calendar. Since the F1 races is one of today's most popular and most watched sporting events, it is a good thing for the country to do. The first event of the New Delhi circuit F1 Grand Prix took place from October 28 to 30, 2011. This much anticipated event comes after the mothballing of several recent Indian races be on the F1 calendar.